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Fixed Cost Billling Model

This engagement model suits for businesses that have a set schedule for their project. As this engagement model is based on project requirements, hence it comes with pre-requisites that act as guidelines for us. Under this low-risk model we work with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. This model provides the clients with flexibility when there is concern over progress in remote projects.

Under this model the client pays a pre-negotiated amount for the entire project agreed upon which in return is based on deliverables. This model enables the clients to have a good grip on the complete procedure of the work. This model gives ample space for our clients to get a clear perspective of the work progress. As this model is completely dependent on the needs of the project, hence it reduces risk factor to a great extent as the client can visibly monitoring progress of the project from close quarters.

Typical Features of Fixed Cost Model are:
  • Fixed Price
  • Fixed Scope
  • Familiar requirement or clear requirement (typically detailed analysis & application design already completed)
  • Involves Project Management, User Interface Design, Development, Quality Testing
Under this business model, DbyDx ensures quality delivery of the final product within a pre-scheduled time frame, and the customer pays a mutually agreed fixed price for the project implementation. The primary advantage of the Fixed Price model consists in allowing the customer to determine exactly the project budget in advance. The predictability of costs and schedule is well defined and hence there is minimal exposure to risk. In this type of model the more detailed the preparation, the smoother and faster the execution.
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