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Mobility Solutions - Overview

Over the years mobility solutions has come add on a lot of meaning to it. Gone are the days when application meant playing game like Snake or Bounce. Today mobile applications vary from gaming to gambling! Today we have such applications in the mobile which were unthinkable 5 years back! At DbyDx, we try and provide technology of the future. We try our hands on every possible way. Over the years, we have proved ourselves as one of the key player in Location Based Mobility services. DbyDx Location Based Services (LBS) is designed such that it can be easily customized according to industry need. Thus be it banking, retail, media or ticketing or reservation, our LBS is absolutely customizable according to needs.

We have solutions across all platforms

  • Google Android SDK application development
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development
  • BlackBerry solutions (JDE, MDS and BlackBerry browser applications)
  • J2ME based Mobile Application Development
  • Symbian based Mobile Application solutions
  • Windows Mobile Application
  • Mobile enabled website development
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform

With time becoming precious, going agile and mobile is the mantra of the day. Today Enterprise and IT are doubly challenged. While they are expected maximize return, multitask and increase agility they must also achieve customer satisfaction, all in the backdrop of unpredictable change. Thus enterprise mobility has moved to become a critical area for software companies. At DbyDx, we value the time and money factor of our clients and realize the various enterprise needs. In the age of smartphones when difficult task are done by a press of a button, we create mobility solutions to help our clients business.

Business and IT have matured into a powerful team, as business units increasingly turn to technology to drive competitive advantage. Today, sustaining that advantage means offering immediate answers to customer questions, providing faster time to repair, and providing opportunities for real-time collaboration. Keeping in mind the complex business scenario, DbyDx deploy its state of the art mobility practices to develop mission critical solutions for its partners and clients.  We provide our customers and partners with the custom-designed software, services, and business solutions they need to achieve meaningful strategic and competitive advantages in their markets.

While along with Enterprise, consumer needs have changed with time.  As customer is the king, his wish and needs are of prime importance to us. At DbyDx we try and understand the consumer behavior of the target segment and try and develop the software just the way the consumer would want. As a partner to our clients, we provide complete assistance in making the applications successful and apt for the target customers.  Our team of expert developers has helped our clients connect locations, offices, business partners, and employees via real-time platforms by designing and implementing an array of high-end technology applications.

Advantage DbyDx Software


Mobile Integration for Enterprise Applications

  • Mobile CRM Client for Sales Force and other CRM tools
  • Blackberry Clients for Enterprise/Intranet Applications through MDS, BlackBerry JDE, and likewise

Mobile Survey Applications

  • Political Surveys
  • Consumer trial surveys

SMS Based Applications

  • Bulk SMS through SMS Gateway
  • SMS Based Reservation and ordering system
  • SMS Advertising

Mobile Content Management Platform

  • Rich and multi functional applications to build customer focused applications like Ringtones, Jokes, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts management

Location Based Services

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Ticketing & Reservation
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Field Service Solutions
  • Golf Aid applications
  • Mobile Social Networking Local Search
  • Location based Targeted Mobile Advertizing

Location based Targeted Mobile Advertising

DbyDx Software has used location-based advertising that uses location-tracking technology in mobile networks to target consumers. This means that the marketer can control the information sent by knowing the communication channel used by customer and then sending geographically based offers and incentives. In simple words, with location information for a user you can send targeted SMS/MMS advertisements to the consumers. For instance, when you know of consumers shopping in a super market you can dispatch a list of merchandise available on sale/special discounts to the consumers over the mobile phone.

Mobile Social Networking

  • DbyDx Software has used mobile technology with the use of powerful location knowledge through location-based services (LBS) to result in Mobile Social Networking.
  • Similar to web based social networking, mobile social networking also occurs in virtual communities. As the software technology advances, these virtual communities have made their way to exist on mobiles.

Porting/Customization of Websites for mobile browser

  • Thorough grasp in mobile architecture to port any website to the mobile browser

Local Search

  • Mobile local search is a technology that lets people search for local things using mobile equipment such as mobile phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices.
  • Mobile local search satisfies the need to offer a mobile subscriber spontaneous access to near-position services and information such as businesses, products, events, restaurant, movie theatre or other local information.
  • Mobile carriers, directory enquiry providers, mobile messaging operators and yellow pages publishers usually provide local search services. Behind these outlets, there is a growing network of agencies, distributors and software providers, some of who are now starting to offer service direct to the public.
  • DbyDx Software has efficiently used its expertise in local search for Restaurant search, Gas stations search, ATM Search, etc.

SMS Based Reservation and ordering systems

  • DbyDx Software has built rich applications using SMS based booking and ordering system. (Taxi reservation system)
  • With the latest mobile phone technology, we can send an SMS in a pre defined format or we can use GPRS to access a mobile page and book a ticket or order food.
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