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Rich Internet Application (RIA)

We come across the term Rich Internet Application (RIA) frequently. It is a concept that came into lime light recently and has taken the world into frenzy. Today internet is one platform that brings the world together and rich internet application makes Web and Desktop application development possible. Top players like Microsoft and Adobe have come up with an array of RIA frameworks in the recent past like Adobe FLEX, Adobe AIR& Microsoft Silverlight.

DbyDx and RIA

At DbyDx Software, we always take up contemporary solutions and platforms in order to create better applications for our customers and clients. Keeping up with the fast paced race, we need to gear up our skills and utilize the available resources to the maximum limit. DbyDx has the correct mix of expertise and the experience to take the RIA platform to the next level. We have strong expertise in both AIR and Silverlight and are also actively working on Flex.

DbyDx Software has a long relation with RIA and has apt expertise in handling the best in this arena. With RIA the feel and touch of the entire application takes a different turn. With RIA we strive to achieve:

  • Rich user interface
  • Enhance flexibility and usage
  • Smooth running across all platforms without any hassles

As both the platforms have enormous potential, our motto is to grab the best of both and utilize it the best way we can. Keeping in mind to provide rich experience for the clients, we imbibed in us the technologies in order to come out with some exquisite solutions for our clients.

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