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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) perhaps is the most happening and talked about industry amongst the mass. In today’s busy life, consumers look for solutions that could leverage that would make their life easy. Thus what became the need of the hour was a customized solution for all BFSI need.

With its dedicated research & development team, DbyDx Software set foot towards building applications for the BFSI sector.  As projected by Gartner, Money Transfer (or Mobile Wallet, as others call it) will be full-fledged reality by 2012, with people utilizing their mobile phones to do banking, trading, money transferring and e-commerce on a daily basis, and applications such as these would be present on all mobile devices. This opens a wide spectrum of development and DbyDx Software has already made its move towards it.

Providing cutting edge mobility solutions to enterprises, DbyDx has custom built mobile application for leading financial institutions. Banking on it mobility and Location Based Services platform, DbyDx Software has generated award winning applications for clients worldwide.

Some of the features in our Banking solution:

  • Location Based Services (LBS)  - locating branches and ATMs
  • Customized mobility for HN1/privileged customers
  • Automatic Credit/ Debit Card offer notification; based on LBS


Financial Services and Insurance

The financial services market and the insurance market are always in-flux and thus the need of a stable solution that could capture the nitty-gritty of the markets. These markets require solutions that are smart and agile, enabling firms to make smarter and faster business moves. In particular, these systems must be able to process real-time data with complex algorithms and provide flexible reporting capabilities.

DbyDx Software has worked with financial services firms & insurance firms and has developed cutting-edge solutions for the business.

With our clients we have worked in the following area:

  • Consulting & Advising
  • Situational Analysis & Business Reporting
  • Policy Administration
  • Customer Relationship Management
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