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Mobile Application Development

An independent study has found that by 2014, the mobile application business will generate $35 billion in revenue worldwide. The report from International Data Corp. (IDC) also projects that the mobile application business will soon grow from 10.9 billion downloads this year to 76.9 billion downloads in 2014. This growth will also mean a 60% per year increase in mobile application revenue.

With the advent of smart phones (and now the Tablets), people have gone ga-ga over mobile applications. Moreover, with prices going down and increase in individual buying power, the demand for smart phones have increased and with it the mobile apps as well. A mobile phone without application is of no use to the users and with each passing day the demand for applications is increasing.

DbyDx Software has developed myriad applications on platforms like BlackBerry, PlayBook, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Google Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Samsung Bada, J2ME. Today’s sophisticated users are demanding mobile applications with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security, and integration with other applications.

DbyDx has a wide understanding of mobile and wireless technologies across various markets, including:

  • Field Service - parts inventory, dispatch schedules
  • Location Based Services – Mobile Social Networking, Localized advertisements
  • Retail – retail store tracking, Geo-location details of retail outlets
  • Financial Services - online trading, wireless ATMs
  • Healthcare - real-time access to patient records and test results
  • Wireless Internet - customer service, mobile commerce
  • Mobile Enterprise - e-mail, corporate databases, groupware
  • Logistics - POS, inventory tracking,
  • Transportation - vehicle location, fleet tracking

DbyDx Technical Skills

  • Location-Based Service (LBS) application across various industries like Retail, Banking & Logistics
  • Online and offline mobile application development for various mobile phones
  • Porting applications for different categories of mobile phones
  • Mobile applications testing and integration with various US networks
  • Wireless internet security
  • Applications for mobile workforce of enterprises
  • Application Servers: LBS Engine, Points of Interest
  • Device side development platforms: J2ME, RIM, Symbian, Pocket PC, Palm, BREW (Qualcomm)
  • Communications: GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth, IR, Serial
  • Network: SMS/MMS, WAP Push, Enterprise Application
  • Mobile Web Services Platforms: J2EE/SunONE, Microsoft .NET
  • Client Side Operating Systems: Blackberry, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian, BREW
  • Mobile Application Gateways: Openwave, Seven (messaging), Comverse, InfoSpace, 724 Solutions
  • Mobile Application Integrators: Aether, Symbol
  • Mobile Databases
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