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DbyDx delivers secure, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions for growing and strengthening customer relationships, improving customer retention, creating product awareness and improving direct marketing sales. We have developed and delivered solutions that turn retailer data, such as point-of-sale, supply chain, merchandiser feedback and Electronic Product Code (EPC) data into actionable visibility into the store and onto the shelf. From email campaigns, phone, and postal lists to real-time marketing and lead delivery, DbyDx has the tools to deliver the Retail / e-Tail results you need.

The adoption of new technologies has accelerated rapidly among retail stores in the last ten years, all the way from health chains to oil corporations. However, as with any market experiencing growing pains, the retail sector often runs into issues such as outdated infrastructures, non-automated procurement processes, limited supply chain visibility and inefficient logistics. DbyDx has custom built mobility solution for retail chain stores.

The DbyDx Location Based Services (LBS) platform has witnessed the designing and development of various retail applications for clients across the world. DbyDx LBS platform is build to provide the apt solution needed for today. With time and money both becoming precious, our LBS platform strives to provide cost and time effective mobility solutions for Retail.

Our Capabilities

  • Enable search and locate store in a  specific Geo-location – with complete address and driving directions
  • Viewing of promotional offers running on stores
  • DbyDx LBS Platform can distinguish if you are in/around store or passing by providing you with precise   notifications of promotions/offers
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