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Strategic Mobility Consulting

Mobile Technology has taken a new shape with the coming of the Smart phones. Mobile application development itself has become a huge market and has seen a rise in the recent years. Sustaining in this critical market and growing in it becomes the toughest challenge for technology companies. The biggest question is how to utilize the technology resource to reap maximum benefit out of it. What is required is a mobility map, which would give the companies a roadmap for their mobility solutions.

DbyDx Software provides complete consulting when it comes to mobility solutions. A long standing player in the enterprise and application mobility solutions, DbyDx provides business and technology consulting to companies looking to realize the full benefit of mobile technology. DbyDx charters a way to synthesize business and technology to achieve success. As a consulting partner, DbyDx Software provides 360 degree view of the complete business picture. The implementation of mobility solutions requires companies to build capability and strategy to synthesize many different components including devices, networks, applications and their services as well as the middleware to interface processes.

DbyDx Mobility Consulting includes:

Mobile Technology Strategy

At DbyDx Software, we help you determine the apt technology for your business. Our team of Mobility Consulting helps the clients to zero down on to the correct technical path, suitable for their business. This method is especially helpful for companies who are at the initial stages of considering the value of Mobility but have not yet conceptualized the full scope of its possibilities. As Mobility solutions practitioners, we understand their business goals and objectives and identify the improvement areas and assess what can be implemented to improve their business using Mobility.

Business Architecture

As an end-to-end technology partner, we provide our clients with a complete Business architecture helping them to charter out the path of their product development.  Business architecture forms the crucial part in the whole process of product design and implementation. Our consulting team weighs out the pros and cons associated with the clients business and try to construct an architecture frame-work which suits their business and technology environment.

Technical Architecture

The symbiotic relation between business and technology produces a harmonious method of development. Getting this synthesis between technology and business correct is the key factor. This is where the Consulting experts and DbyDx help out their clients to build a strong technical architecture keeping in mind their business needs. Mobile enabling a business needs acumen and great precision, DbyDx Software with a legacy of providing excellent mobility solutions help clients to find all their technical solutions easily.

Project Implementation

Getting to the act is by itself a big task. The initial planning phase looks good, but the mettle is tested when the philosophy is put to practice. The Mobility Consulting team at DbyDx helps clients to take its first step towards implementation. As a consulting partner, we provide our clients with an implementation plan wherein both the business and technology aspect are taken care of.  As implementation forms the crucial part of any project, a business would need a dependable partner to help them mobile enable their business.

Implementation Management

The success of failure of any technical deployment depends on the fact that whether the implementation has been correct or not. The mobility consulting team at DbyDx software provides its clients with apt implementation management process in order to reap maximum profit. DbyDx Mobility Consulting comprises of a team of industry veterans who has dealt with mobility solutions for a long time and hence provides a concise and effective consulting solutions to its clients.

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